(Photo: Torben Nielsen)

PhD projects

The HYPERMAG Center of Excellence includes PhD students from all around the world.

A substantial part of our research is carried out by our PhD students.

Each student is responsible for their individual project and is expected to work independently. Our students often have several Supervisors, to allow for frequent and in-depth interaction.

While each of the HYPERMAG fields has the potential for original and high-impact research in its own right, the Center also relies on an interdisciplinary approach. Primary focus is that each student has the opportunity to pursue research excellence in their field, but we also promote discussion and collaboration across team members and disciplines to maintain a 360° perspective on our work.

All students are expected to publish quality research in recognized journals. Participation and presentation of own work at international conferences is encouraged. Many students have an external stay at a relevant international research institution during their project period.

The Center is ambitious and committed, but the culture is informal and social. We have a Journal Club, Cake Club, we arrange Friday bars, we often lunch together and we celebrate each other's good results.


Current PhD projects

Anne Birk Frahm: Metabolomics using dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Christine Pepke Gunnarsson: Dynamic Nuclear Polarization with Labile Radicals

Tine Kliim Nydahl: Metabolic Responses to Bacterial Pathogens

Rafael Baron: Cryogenic Receiver Array Coils for Hyperpolarized Magnetic Resonance

Rie Beck Hansen: Hyperpolarized Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Mohammed Albannay: Triple resonant electromagnetic structures for polarization transfer in DNP

Daniel Højrup Johansen: Cryogenic Single and Array Coils for Magnetic Resonance Systems

Andreas Boeg: Chemical reactions and intermediates followed by DNP NMR   

Ronja Malinowski: dDNP as a method to assess altered cellular metabolism in vitro


Former PhD projects

Christian Kjeldsen: Elucidation of carbohydrate converting enzyme mechanisms using DNP-NMR

Abubakr Eldirdiri: Early detection of response to treatment in cancer by Hyperpolarized Metabolic MR

Kasper Lipsø: Novel MR contrast agent for angiography and perfusion: Hyperpolarized Water

21 MAY 2018