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IT prize to DTU Compute honours student Piotr Borowian

Wednesday 28 Aug 13


Ekkart Kindler
Associate Professor
DTU Compute
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Honors Programmes

DTU offers Honors Programmes on every MSc programme. In the Honors Programme elite students have access to a particularly challenging course of studies. It is estimated that only 10% of the MSc students will be qualified for Honors Programmes. Read more about Honors Programmes.

The society “Dansk Selskab for Datalogi” and Dansk IT have awarded a prize of DKK 10,000 to DTU Compute honours student Piotr Borowian for the best MSc thesis 2012 within computer science. During his studies Piotr Borowian followed a particularly challenging course of studies (Honors Programme).

Piotr Borowian carried out his MSc thesis entitled "Redesigning the language for business logic in the Maconomy ERP system and automatic translation of existing code" in collaboration with the company Deltek (previously Maconomy). 

Cooperation with Deltek
In his MSc thesis Piotr Borowian addresses a problem of considerable practical significance for the company partner Deltek.  Another major software company has been struggling with similar challenges for a long time, but with less success than Piotr.

Piotr Borowian’s supervisors are DTU Compute associate professors Ekkart Kindler and Christian Probst as well as Martin Gamwell-Dawids and Rune Glerup from the company Deltek.

Assessment committee’s reasons for awarding the prize
Read the assessment committee’s reasons for awarding the prize  to Piotr Borowians.

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