Alessandro Coi New Erasmus Student at Center for Magnetic Resonance

Tuesday 08 Nov 16


Mathilde Hauge Lerche
Senior Researcher
DTU Health Tech
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Dissolution DNP

A dDNP experiment is conducted in three steps:

1: A sample is polarized in the solid state through DNP by microwave irradiation.

2: The sample is dissolved and transported into a spectrometer or imager magnet.

3: The solution is introduced as a tracer into biological systems or chemical reactions and the tracer signal is monitored with NMR to acquire data.

dDNP has been demonstrated to increase the sensitivity of NMR experiments by several orders of magnitude, but in the liquid state the hyperpolarized signal decays very fast, restricting studies and using the technique for high-throughput.

Alessandro Coi from Università degli Studi di Padova will do an internship at Center for Magnetic Resonance as part of the Erasmus Student Mobility Program.

Alessandro has chosen to relocate to Center for Magnetic Resonance (CMR) to do his master thesis on Storage of polarization on compounds for continuous delivery of hyperpolarized material for chemical and biological applications.

Alessandro and the HYPERMAG Center of Excellence at CMR are a great match. Through hyperpolarization using dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Dissolution (dDNP) we can enhance the signal and thus increase the sensitivity of NMR spectroscopy, enabling the study of complex processes and systems previously not visible and the reduction of experimental acquisition time.

But a major challenge to solve - and Alessandro's particular interest - is the short-lived signal of the enhanced signal. The purpose of Alessandro's project is to broaden the scope of dDNP from sub minute signal availability to tenth of minute signal availability and to allow variable experimental settings for signal exploration.

We are happy to be able to include Alessandro into our Center and look forward to the collaboration and exchange of new ideas. 

Alessandro will work with the HYPERMAG group at CMR from November 2016 to July 2017. Principal Supervisor at DTU is Senior Researcher Mathilde H. Lerche.

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