HYPERMAG Center Leader

Professor Jan Henrik Ardenkjaer-Larsen is the Center Leader of Center for Hyperpolarization in Magnetic Resonance (HYPERMAG).

At HYPERMAG Professor Ardenkjaer-Larsen brings together an international and interdisciplinary research team with a diverse background in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and engineering to address basic research questions regarding hyperpolarization.

The groundbreaking ideas behind hyperpolarization by the dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (dDNP) method were conceived with the motivation of enabling imaging of metabolic processes in vivo in real-time to diagnose cancer, cardiac disease, organ function, as well as early detection of response to treatment for personalized medicine. Ardenkjaer-Larsen’s team investigate the sophisticated technology and science around the method and applications to provide the basic scientific foundation for the field.

In 2003 Ardenkjaer-Larsen published a widely-cited paper in PNAS, demonstrating a more than 10,000 fold enhancement of the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) by dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization. 

In 2011 the first clinical study in patients with prostate cancer using hyperpolarized pyruvate was successfully completed, and the study was published in Science Translational Medicine.

In 2012 Ardenkjaer-Larsen was awarded the Günther Laukien Prize, the most prestigious prize in NMR, for his work.

In 2014 Ardenkjaer-Larsen received the Gold Medal from the World Molecular Imaging Society.

In 2015 the HYPERMAG Center of Excellence kicked off.

You can explore Professor Ardenkjaer-Larsen's publications here.



Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 18
26 OCTOBER 2020